GP8 Oxygen Water is awarded 'Best Tasting Water' in the World!






The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, the world’s most prestigious, gave out awards at its 37th Annual championships in West Virginia, USA.

After a competitive 2-day competition over 4 rounds, GP8 Oxygen Water beat out competition from New Zealand, Norway and Fiji, amongst others to win 'Best Purified Drinking Water 2017'.

“It was another wonderful year for the longest running and largest water tasting in the world,” said von Wiesenberger. “Berkeley Springs is the Academy Awards of Water. And there is no better than GP8. Congratulations Canada".

So don't just take our word for it. GP8 Oxygen Water is officially the world's best tasting!

For further information on Berkeley Springs or to see a complete list of the standings, go to: