Athletes agree: GP8 Oxygen Water has a light, crisp taste that doesn’t bloat. This makes it easier to hydrate sufficiently during long games or workouts without the weighed-down feeling that can come from regular water or sport drinks.

Only GP8 undergoes a revolutionary electrolysis process to increase the solubility of oxygen in water. This process results in purified water that contains up to 400% the amount of dissolved oxygen as compared to untreated water. 



GP8 Oxygen water improves oxygen delivery through  the circulatory system by promoting more efficient oxygen transfer through the plasma resulting in advanced hydration.


The human body runs most efficiently at its natural pH level of 7.4. The unique process used to create GP8 not only results in a great tasting water, but one with a pH range that is optimized to help restore the body’s natural balance.

GP8 Oxygen water is

bottled exclusively in glass

and BPA- free plastic bottles.

Zero Additives

Zero Chemicals

Zero Sugar

Zero Colours

Zero Preservatives

GP8’s Enhanced Solubility Water contains up to 400% as much dissolved oxygen as untreated water. This oxygen occurs in the form of ‘guest’ molecules of O2 which occupy and stabilize the spaces between molecules of H2O. The unique purification process used to create GP8 results in larger spaces between H2O molecules, which in turn allow for two or more molecules of O2 occupying and stabilizing them. The result is increased oxygen content. And unlike ‘oxygenated waters’ which quickly release their dissolved gas after opening, the oxygen in GP8 is not under pressure and remains in the water for several hours, even with agitation.

GP8 improves oxygen delivery through the circulatory system by promoting more efficient oxygen transfer through the plasma. Not only does GP8 maximize oxygen intake, but it is also one of the few alkaline pH waters available – a property which is thought to help counter the effects of lactic acid. Committed to serious athletes, GP8 Oxygen Water is 100% additive-free and contains no chemical by-products resulting from the purification process.